Terms and Coditions of Reseller Plan Network

Terms and Conditions of Reselling plan

Start delivering our best home experience to your friends and family.

You can Start your Re-selling service at any time when required more than 15 Users of the basic plan you should look to a Pack Upgrade so we allow you to add more than 15 Users depending on your additional accounts.

15 Users

Basic Plan allowed creation users


Recomended Country for selling


Maximum Allowed of additional users.


Next Region to deploy our service

Marketing and Strategy

Find your Target

Use your best friend website like: Torrent Tracker, Seedbox.



Social Networks like:. Facebook and Instagram. Have a very Strict Ad Policy, So if you use social network they will alert you or ask to stop advertising and in the worst scenario they will ban you from Facebook or Instagram, because of CopyRight Violation so use reddit or twitter or other social network and NOT Facebok or Instagram.

We have facebook but we don't run Advertising on it so this not allert Facebook Inc. about our activity.

Our values

Elite Quality

Elite and Pure Quality, with no compression or conversion image, unless you are in a low speed network .

Shared Stream

With plex you are able to watch together a movie or TV Show and this feature will be soon added on emby.

Premium Support

We offer a high quality support to our members.


We have a high scalable network server to allow high demand of streaming.

New technologies

We are using the latest technologies in production for the best performance.


We offer a service 7/7 | 16/24

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