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enhance your home theater, with awesome:

You will get the best TV experience with
VOD and/or IPTV.
4K Content in Dolby Vision or *HDR10

* High Dynamic Range

Play Video
5G | WIFI 6 recomended

Dolby Vision Profile 7

Dolby Atmos True HD

No image compression or conversion

Unlike anything you've ever seen

UHD VOD and IPTV all together in one place.

"The future is here"

IMAX & Dolby Vision

· Dolby Vision is a set of technologies developed by Dolby Laboratories for high dynamic range (HDR) video with 12bit colors range . · IMAX is a proprietary system of high-resolution cameras, film formats, film projectors, and theaters known for having very large screens with a tall aspect ratio (approximately either 1.43:1 or 1.89:1) and steep stadium seating.

No Compression and conversion

There is no Conversion or Compression in the audio or video layer, all layer are streamed directly to your device.

5G | WIFI 6

For the best experience, we strongly suggest to use 5G, WIFI 6 or wired connection. º We have tested our media with a 150Mb/s download speed

Shared Stream

Actually this functionallity is only avalaible on Plex and not in Emby. º We also remember then you need to have all the users on the same server or at leat on the same service subscrition.

Cross Device Compatibility

The apps of Emby and Plex is avalaible on multiple platforms such as: PS4, PC, Android TV, Samsung, LG, Sony TV, Roku, etc.

Dolby True HD & DTS:X

· Dolby TrueHD, along with Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby AC-4, is one of the intended successors to the Dolby Digital lossy surround format. · DTS:X is an object-based audio codec, which aims to create a multi-dimensional sound that “moves around you like it would in real life”.

"Plex and Emby has changed the way we stream."

For the best home experience

The content we have as been tested on Denon AVR - AV Receivers and on 4K Laser Video Projectors.
Both Emby and Plex was a success.

Many Content

With more than 10 000 Movies across the libraries, and more than 1 000 TV Shows. 400 4K Movies in IMAX | DV

Top Gun : Maverick (2022)

The last Top Gun movie from Tom Cruse is available in our plate-form in 4K DV in French Version and coming soon in English.

House of the Dragon (2022)

House of the Dragon is avalaible in French as we are getting new releases in Portuguese and English for soon.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (2022)

Available in French at this moment, as we are getting new releases for English and Portuguese

Plex , Emby OR IPTV

We remember then if you want IPTV you should purchase a Emby offer or IPTV Package and not a Plex offer because the limitations of Plex we could not be able to share IPTV on Plex.


*Monthly Price

Free and Quickly delivery

The delivery is free and will be Quickly.

Quality warranty

You have the best Quality and across the web, this service is inspired from Pure Stream™ by Sony Bravia.

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Emby Reseller or IPTV Reseller

*Monthly Price,
Plex or Emby starts at

*Monthly Price.
Make a server for you

* The recurring payment is 850$ and the amount exclude Egress data and CDN (Content Data Network).


    Streaming 4K requires a 100% compatible 4K device, and Plex app – Transcoding of 4K is not allowed as this requires too much of the server resources, due to this,  4K is only meant to be “Direct played” to prevent resource starvation on the servers.

     In order for you to direct play 4K, your device must meet basic requirements:

  • The device must support HEVC(Video codec).
  • The device must support the chosen audio codec(AC3, DTS, TrueHD or similar).
  • The internet connection of your device, should exceed 150 Mbps
  • The device must be configured for remote max or original quality streaming within the plex app.
  • If you use subtitles, the device must natively support the subtitle format.

    Whether 4K will work for you, and the amount of “work” you must put in, in order to make 4K work on your device, will vary depending on your setup. Using 4K on Plex requires some knowledge of both Plex, the 4K media and your device. If you run into any problems please contact our staff by creating a ticket!

    If you try transcode 4k, you will experience one of the following symptoms;

  • Your stream will crash, with the message “The transcoder has exited due to an error”.
  • Your stream will never start, and spin endlessly trying to load.

If your your device supports 4K, your internet connection speed is at least 200 Mbps but your 4K video still stutters? One of these is probably the issue:

  • The chosen audio format for the 4K video is not supported by your device, mostly due to TrueHD 7.1 audio. Try a different audio track.
  • The chosen subtitle type is PSG and not SRT. PSG subtitles are images that the server tries to transcode into the stream causing it to stutter. Select a SRT subtitle file.

     We are sorry to see you go. Is there some issue we can help you with? If you really want to cancel your subscription, just create a support ticket in the , account that you have now already created with our subscription system. 
Or you can:

just let bills and the service will be suspended and after some period, the service will be terminated automatically.

       On our website we only accept payments made through PayPal, Credit/Debit Card and BTC /ETH.

         Go to settings and setup the following: 

  • For Video set: Adjust Automatically to (Off)
  • For Video set: Remote Streaming Quality to (Maximum or Original)
  • For Video set: Auto Match Resolution to (Off)
  • For Video set:Auto Match Frame Rate to (Off)
  • For Audio set Remote Streaming Quality to (Original) “If available”


Unfortunately with the growth of football / soccer (and PPV events) increasing exponentially, this has meant that broadcasting corporations are finding new measures to restrict ways of enjoying IPTV. This can be via instructing your ISP to bandwidth throttle or DNS block IPTV providers. One of the easiest ways to prevent these issues from occurring is by installing a VPN app on your device. Obviously paid VPN’s are faster and more reliable, but ProtonVPN has a free option and is available in the Google, Apple, and Amazon app store.

We encourage all our IPTV users to install a VPN to help you enjoy a trouble-free experience.

You can use the account on multiple devices, but not at the same time. If you try to stream IPTV on multiple devices at the same time, your account will be flagged without notice. If your account is disabled there will be no refund.

No, you need to pay full price, prices are not negotiable. So please don’t send mail or messages on discord asking to discounts. 

We only do discounts in holidays times, like Christmas  and Halloween.